How can I view my invoices?

All invoices can be accessed within

We send invoices out at different times depending on the type of project. For projects that are billed hourly, we invoice on the first of the month (for the previous month's time) and you'll receive an email within the first few days of the month.

For projects that are billed in Sprints, we bill and send invoices at the beginning of the Sprint period for the agreed upon Sprint amount. 

All of these invoices will be emailed to you and will look like the following image: 

To quickly pay a single invoice online, you can click the "PAY ONLINE" link outlined in red. If you want to view the detailed notes and line items of the invoice, click the "Invoice Details" link outlined in black

If you want to pay multiple invoices at once using a credit card, please visit

In certain instances, you'll need to pay for invoices via ACH. In this case, Station Four will send you a special payment link to complete the ACH transaction.