How does a Sprint work?

Sprints are a 2-week structured timeframe with deadlines to allow our team to plan out and execute work.

Sprints are built out on a two-week timeframe. We review requests and ensure that proper planning is executed so that work can be completed in a timely fashion. 

Submit projects as soon as possible to allow our team the time to review requests and execute proper planning. 

Below is an example of the planning schedule our team uses to plan out and execute work:

Sprint X, Day 1: Previous Sprint Report 

Sprint X, Day 2: 

Sprint X, Day 3: Internal Pre-Planning for Sprint X+1

Sprint X, Day 4: 

Sprint X, Day 5: DEADLINE FOR WORK SUBMISSION for next Sprint

Sprint X, Day 6: 

Sprint X, Day 7:

Sprint X, Day 8: Next Sprint Plan is set

Sprint X, Day 9:

Sprint X, Day 10: Current sprint report and planned work is shared with the client